Beet It! I’m not talking about MJ or about beating the February Blues – although what you eat can help that too! 😉 No I’m talking about that beautiful, deep purple root vegetable – The Beet I love beets, always […]

Just Beet it – Nutrition Post by Christine MacLeod

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Let’s share, let’s read! Here is our list of books. Send me what you have and I will add it to the library. If you’re interested, comment below, or message the owner. Titles link reviews on Goodreads Running Training & Fitness The Complete […]

The BRC Runners Library

cherries at the market - photo by Dave Emilio
This is the first of many health/fitness/nutrition posts to make this site even better for you, our BRC crew. Thanks to Christine MacLeod for this! Read on! Happy New Year! And with it, all the exciting and ambitious plans for […]

Replace Resolution with Lifestyle Change

PHILADELPHIA MARATHON RACE REPORT Mitchell Kosny It’s pretty hard to beat a race of 30,000 runners that starts at sunrise against the backdrop of the Art Museum of Philadelphia (remember those steps that ‘Rocky’ Balboa/Sly Stallone ran up…turned around…fists pumping…can’t […]

Run fast, Run Far, Run Philly – by Mitch Kosny

The Angus Glen Half Marathon At the finish line of the 2015 Angus Glen Half Marathon and 10K I lingered for a while in the chute. I saw an athletic looking fellow that I sort of remembered and said ‘Nice […]

Angus Glen Half Marathon – by Larry Lewis

TCS New York Marathon November 1st, 2015 The New York Marathon was my third major marathon and the second major marathon I’ve run this year. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this race because for the first time […]

NYC Marathon Race Report – Julie Meltzer

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First and foremost: Congratulations to all and a shout out to Mitch Kosny for placing 2nd in his category in the Hamilton half! Having bonked in Chicago three weeks ago, I knew Hamilton would take all the strength I could […]

Hamilton Marathon Race Report – Remy Pearson

This is a report from Christine that I missed and was meant to be posted before we all ran Chicago, None the less, it’s a worthy read! 2015 Erie Marathon at Presque Isle Writing my race report will distract me […]

Erie Marathon at Presque Isle – by Christine Macleod