The Angus Glen Half Marathon At the finish line of the 2015 Angus Glen Half Marathon and 10K I lingered for a while in the chute. I saw an athletic looking fellow that I sort of remembered and said ‘Nice […]

Angus Glen Half Marathon – by Larry Lewis

TCS New York Marathon November 1st, 2015 The New York Marathon was my third major marathon and the second major marathon I’ve run this year. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this race because for the first time […]

NYC Marathon Race Report – Julie Meltzer

11-2-2015 4-24-10 PM
First and foremost: Congratulations to all and a shout out to Mitch Kosny for placing 2nd in his category in the Hamilton half! Having bonked in Chicago three weeks ago, I knew Hamilton would take all the strength I could […]

Hamilton Marathon Race Report – Remy Pearson

This is a report from Christine that I missed and was meant to be posted before we all ran Chicago, None the less, it’s a worthy read! 2015 Erie Marathon at Presque Isle Writing my race report will distract me […]

Erie Marathon at Presque Isle – by Christine Macleod

One of our new members has been good enough to share his experience with us, which I love! ~Dave So introducing – Patrick Westcott! I raced the Scotia Toronto Marathon on Oct 18. It was my second time doing this […]

STWM Marathon Report – by Patrick Westcott

Olivia, on her way to a huge PB!
I never thought I could have so much fun running a marathon AND achieve a significant personal best. Marathons are about pain. Everyone knows that. You get through the first 30k and then fight with everything you have to get […]

STWM Race Report – Olivia Long

by request, here is a list of the BRC members running Chicago. Feel free to follow along on I am not sure what the url to follow runners will be, but I will add it here should it come up. […]

Chicago Marathon Runners

10-1-2015 9-20-58 AM
This race was not on my radar, but a friend said she was going so I figured I would join her as a way to get in a challenging long run. The half marathon is very small with only 586 […]

Oakville Half Marathon Report – Julie Meltzer